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Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said the Coalition was treating people with “contempt”.He added: “MPs should get real This poll shows how totally out of touch they are“How can they think they deserve a 32% increase when the rest of the country is being told to tighten their belts"Public sector workers such as teaching assistants school dinner ladies nurses paramedics and care workers are struggling because they have had their pay frozen for years"It would be nice to hear MPs backing calls for a decent rise for these workers instead of themselves”MPs are already in the top 5% of earners and receive nearly five times more than someone on the minimum wage of 11856They are also free to earn as much as they like from a second or even a third job – in addition to generous holidays and gold-plated pensions of up to 22000The poll also found a third of MPs wanted to keep their lucrative final salary pensions – even though the Government has ended the scheme for other public sector workersIn the survey a number of anonymous MPs griped about their low payOne moaned: “We receive endless requests for raffle donations breakfasts teas dinner lunches etc“We frequently have to entertain people And we spend money on things which cannot be claimed back”Tory Cheryl Gillan claimed low pay was deterring people from standing for ParliamentShe said: “If pay is too low it will only be attractive to the wealthy”But Labour MP John Mann said: “It shows that MPs still don’t get it when it comes to pay and expenses“Everyone else in the country except the very rich are suffering yet MPs are still crying about how much they are paid It won’t sit well with voters”IPSA chief Sir Ian Kennedy said: “The consultation has been hugely informative”And MPs get this on top of their salary.MPs get a huge range of perks on top of their 65738-a-year pay packetsThese include no-interest loans cut-price meals and free taxi journeys and overnight accommodationThe cost to the taxpayer of subsidised food and drink in the Houses of Parliament in 2011 was 58millionPoliticians are allowed free loans towards the cost of their expenses And until last summer they could claim mortgage interest on second homesThey are also allowed 15 towards an evening meal if the Commons sits after 730pm If they are staying outside London they can claim 25 for an evening mealMPs travelling on Parliamentary business are allowed up to 80 for taxis and up to 150 per night for a hotelThose with seats outside the capital can also claim a maximum 20000 a year for rentThey can get 22000 towards office costs And MPs in the capital get an extra 3760 a year towards “additional expenses of living in the London area”This year the Commons is sitting for 171 days – meaning MPs will be away from Parliament for 194 daysBut they argue most of this time is taken up with constituency dutiesOn top of perks and pay MPs also enjoy gold-plated final salary pensionsFor each year in Parliament they normally receive a retirement salary of either 1/40th 1/50th or 1/60th of their final salary – depending on how much they chose to pay in during their careerIf they want the top pension they have to contribute 119% of their salaryAn MP serving the average term of 15 years paying the top rate would walk away with 22500 a yearMembers can also choose to exchange part of their pension for a tax-free lump sum of up to 25% of the value of their pensionDo MPs deserve a pay riseNo says Labour MP Teresa PearceWE need an open discussion about the role of an MP and a debate about what our pay should be But not nowWe need to be aware life is really hard for everybody apart from the very richIt’s obscene that this Government is cutting benefits which will drive more families below the poverty lineIf we are really all in this together then it cannot be everyone except usBeing an MP is a difficult job but there are only 650 of us at any one time and I think it’s a real privilege for us all to serve our communitiesPersonally I took a 25000 pay cut to be an MP Anyone doing this job for the salary shouldn’t be thereYes says Tory MP Andrew BridgenIt’s a very very taboo subject as far as MPs are concernedPut it in perspective MPs are paid about the same as a junior school head teacherMost of my colleagues on the Government benches took a pay cut to be MPsAnyone who is earning good money in business or in the public sector with a family – that’s a very very difficult decisionThere’s a whole lot of people who won’t be able to be MPsYou either have to have people who think 65000 is a lot of money or people who think 65000 is insignificantThe vast majority of the public are in the middle and they would struggle to be an MP I think* Andrew Bridgen was speaking on the BBC  the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. Haughty,lululemon sale, because of her career achievements and.
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